Art lives in us all.  As humans evolved so has visual communication.  Anatomically able humans began marking in caves some 40,000 years ago. We have come a long way since then but the emotion evoked by even the simplest of images tells us Art doesn’t have to be complicated. My favorite image is one my 2 year old grandson left me on my desk one afternoon. He wasn’t supposed to be in my office but he went in, it was quiet and still and... all by his self and with no guidance or suggestion he left me a mark with a pen on a post-it that I still enjoy today. Of Course most everyone has a little head and tall body when you’re 2 feet tall but it's the smile that satisfies my soul. Personal perspective is just one thing we can learn from a good piece of art.

My appreciation of art really began during my first years of College. My best grades in high school were centered around Mechanical and Architectural drawing. Cal Poly San Louis Obispo turned down my application to their school of Architecture in 1972 but I was accepted at Cal Poly Pomona in their Business School that same year. It wasn’t until achieving a Real Estate Broker License that I had the opportunity to draw again. Being a developer allowed me the pleasure of creating renderings to communicate construction ideas for new and remodel projects.

Today, I am trending toward new methods of visual communication that challenge the way we look at a static image. I try to include something in every piece that intrigues the audience… perhaps a new perspective that is outside the ordinary and puts a smile on your face.


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